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Terms & Conditions

Terms, Policies, & General Information

American Tours Trip Registration Policy:  Each trip will list a deposit amount and a final payment due date.  To diminish the cost of your trip, American Tours will NOT send statements or reminders for final payments nor confirmation of your registration.  To register for one or more trips, send the completed SIGN-UP SHEET and deposit amount to the address shown on the Sign-Up Sheet.  We will be happy to give oral confirmation concerning any registration.  Deposits on any trip are due as soon as you know you want to go.  We will not list anyone as confirmed for a trip without a deposit.  The sooner you register, the sooner you will know a trip is going to make.  We accept Master Card, Visa, American Express, and Discover.  Please make all checks payable to American Tours. We do accept last minute registrations provided space is available.  Do not hesitate to inquire about a trip, even though final payment deadlines have passed.

Final Payment Dates:  Final Payment Dates are shown for each trip, and the remaining balance is due IN FULL by such date.  We use the Final Payment Date as our decision date to determine if a trip will make or not.  We do accept last minute registrations provided space is available.  Do not hesitate to inquire about a trip, even though final payment deadlines have passed.

Final Tour Itineraries:  Approximately two week prior to a trip’s departure date, we will send a complete itinerary, outlining daily activities, lodging facilities, and travel hints.  Included with this package will be a map, showing how to get to American Tours along with information on a few hotels that are in our area in case you have the need to lodge the night before or after a trip. 

Tours Canceled By American Tours: We reserve the right to cancel any trip due to lack of participation.  Should a trip lack necessary response, we will notify those registered at least seven days prior to departure.  If a particular tour is cancelled by American Tours, all of your payments on the canceled trip will be fully refunded at time of cancellation.

Cancellation Policy For MOTOR-COACH TOURS:
TRAVEL INSURANCE:  American Tours STRONGLY RECOMMENDS the purchase of Travel Insurance.  You may purchase Travel Insurance through another agency or purchase the Travel Insurance offered by American Tours.

With TRAVEL INSURANCE Offered By American Tours: The Travel Insurance offered by American Tours is Trip Cancellation Insurance ONLY.  If a customer has the need to cancel for ANY REASON 30 days or more prior to the trip date, the customer will receive a FULL REFUND including the cost of the Travel Insurance.  If a customer has the need to cancel less than 30 days prior to the trip date for ANY REASON, the customer will receive a FULL REFUND of funds paid less the cost of the Travel Insurance.  TRAVEL INSURANCE offered by American Tours is Trip Cancellation Insurance ONLY and does not cover any other loss to or loss incurred by the customer including but not limited to Trip Interruption, Medical Expense, Emergency Evacuation & Repatriation of Remains, Trip Delay, Baggage Delay, Baggage & Personal Effects Loss, Accidental Death & Dismemberment, Travel Medical Assistance, or Worldwide Travel Assistance.

Without TRAVEL INSURANCE Offered By American Tours:  Without Travel Insurance offered by American Tours, if a customer has the need to cancel for ANY REASON 30 days or more prior to the trip date, the customer will receive a FULL REFUND of all funds paid by customer up to cancellation date.  If a customer has the need to cancel less than 30 days from the trip date for ANY REASON, the customer will receive NO refund.

Cancellation Policy For DESTINATION TOURS (Non Motor-Coach Tours):  American Tours plans all of our DESINTAION TOURS through Premier World Discovery (PWD).  PWD will offer their’ own TRAVEL PROTECTION and American Tours STRONGLY RECCOMENDS the purchase of such Travel Protection.  At time of registration for a Destination Tour, the customer will be provided TRAVEL PROTECTION insurance information by PWD and given the opportunity to accept or decline such coverage.  By registering for a Destination Tour, the customer acknowledges that American Tours holds no liability or responsibility for any loss or expense incurred by the customer in connection with such Destination Tour. 

All Tours Include:  All tours include lodging and overnight accommodations with 3Star or better hotels and/or resorts.  Admissions and sightseeing costs are featured in the itinerary.  All taxes and gratuities are included with an exception on gratuities for your American Tours “Escort & Driver”.

Gratuities For American Tours Escort & Driver:  How much you tip is a purely personal matter.  However, we suggest the amount of $2 per person per day for Tour Drivers and Tour Escorts, if the services you receive were satisfactory.  Gratuities are customarily given at the conclusion of the trip. 

Required Identification:  On any tour leaving the United States, it is the responsibility of each passenger to have in his/her possession the required documentation.  American Tours recommends that you acquire a Passport.  Regulations regarding border crossings and identification are changing and confusing, but a Passport is always valid identification.  We do not recommend any other document or any other form of identification.

Additionally, for airlines, cruise ships, and Amtrak, it is necessary to reserve every ticket with each passenger’s exact legal name (no nicknames).  On all flights, even domestic, every passenger must show a government issued Photo ID with spelling exactly as it is on the ticket.

American Tours is not responsible and cannot delay a tour if any passenger is denied border crossing or boarding onto a cruise ship, airplane, or train. 

Child Policies:  American Tours specializes in “Senior Adult Motor-Coach Travel”.  We will not refuse transportation on tours to children who have proper supervision.  However, because of the market we are attempting to reach, we strongly suggest that children under the age of 18 be taken only on “One Day” Tours or on “Grandparents / Grandchildren Tours”.  The information provided in the trip description on each individual tour will indicate if the above descriptions apply to the individual tour in question. When taking children out of the country, it is very important that you have documents, especially a Birth Certificate.  If traveling with a grandchild, you need notarized parental permission slips (from both parents) as well as permission to make medical decisions. 

Motor-Coach Road Rules: 

Because we operate tours for groups of people, we must be concerned with the happiness of many people.  In our efforts to be fair minded to everyone, we have standard policies by which all passenger must comply.

  1. We rotate seats on the bus daily to assure everyone an equal opportunity of a better view. This also allows you to make new friends throughout the length of the trip.
  2. There is no smoking onboard a tour bus.
  3. All passengers must be capable of basic self-care and routine hygienic maintenance. Widely accepted standards of the day suggest that you should bathe daily.
  4. All passengers must be responsible for their own mobility. All tours require average physical activity.  You should be in good health, able to climb stairs and walk reasonable distances, possibly over uneven grounds.  Motorized Scooters and Wheelchairs are not permitted on any tour.  If needed, Foldup Walkers are permitted, but if you need assistance, you must bring that assistance with you on the tour.
  5. We will not tolerate public intoxication or otherwise rude and obnoxious behavior at anytime during a trip.

Baggage Disclaimer: Although every effort is made to have your luggage handled carefully, American Tours offers no guarantee, assumes no responsibility for, and cannot accept any claims for loss or damage to luggage and or personal possessions.  Whether this is due to theft, wear and tear, accident or other causes, by our agents or our employees, American Tours will not be held liable.

Responsibility:  American Tours reserves the right to change or cancel tour itineraries, and any tour components or services, whenever American Tours (in it’s sole discretion) deems such changes to be necessary.  All air fares, cruise fares, and rates for other transportation and tour services are based on fares in effect at the time of  printing and are subject to carrier tariff changes, and supplier surcharges.

Updated July 18, 2019