COVID Policy

It is hard to grasp how much our world has changed due to COVID-19 and the impact it has had on our everyday lives and our ability to travel. We appreciate your understanding as we navigate through these challenging times together.

American Tours continues to be pro-active and concerned with the health/safety of our employees and passengers. Although we have seen an increase in the number of cases in our hospitals, we believe that the country is now entering into a post-pandemic state. Vaccines are readily available, and things are opening up across the United States. With these positive changes we are updating our policies.

• Our motor-coaches are equipped with 48 seats. As of August 1, 2021, we are going back to FULL CAPACITY and are increasing the number of guests we allow on our tours to 38 people.

• While on tour, our staff will sanitize the entryway handrails throughout the day. Each evening the arm rests, overhead bins, all handrails, bathroom handles/touchpoints will be disinfected. We will remind passengers of cleanliness habits. We will have hand sanitizer available for use upon entering and exiting the motor-coach.

• Beginning in November 2021, we reinstituted our SEAT ROTATION PROGRAM our passengers were accustomed to prior to the onset of COVID.

• Before a tour departs our facility, the motor coach is detailed & sanitized.

• Onboard our motor-coaches, general airflow is filtered. Overhead vents for passengers are recycled air and the vents can be closed. In addition, when available our roof hatch fan enables fresh air to circulate immediately by removing hot or stale air through the roof.

• American Tours does not require our passengers to have a Covid vaccination on any of our MOTOR-COACH TOURS to travel. If things change in the near future and proof of a vaccine is required for some domestic travel, we will advise you of this requirement and ask for your approval before considering you a definite to travel to that destination. With our FLY & RIDE TOURS conducted through Premier World Discovery, their policy will trump our policy. Premier World Discovery is requiring either proof of vaccination, proof of negative CV-19 Test taken within 72 hours prior to the start of the tour, or proof of recovery with positive test result within 3 months prior to the end of your tour. At this time, American Tours has chosen to avoid any International Travel due to the continually changing policies throughout much of the world.

• Some attractions and areas are not requiring a mask if you have been vaccinated. We will do our best to advise you prior to each stop as to the mask policy of that location. While traveling on the motor-coach we ask and advise you to wear a mask if you have not been vaccinated. However, we will not act as “mask police” and will not be checking for proof of vaccination.

• If you have been sick, have been around someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, or have quarantined/asked to isolate within 10 days prior to the tour’s departure date, we ask that you cancel the tour, for the safety of all involved.

• If while on tour you develop symptoms of COVID-19, you will be removed from the tour immediately, and must have a negative COVID test in order to travel with the group.

• We recommend all passengers purchase TRIP CANCELLATION INSURANCE from American Tours. It will cover your cancellation should you need to cancel during the 30 days prior to the departure of your tour. If you would like more extensive coverage to cover you during the tour, we recommend purchasing that insurance from Travel Guard or a similar company.

• By traveling with American Tour, you voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID. While American Tours has taken preventative measures, the responsibility of your well-being is ultimately up to you. Please join us in keeping everyone traveling healthy and safe by practicing good hygiene and best-practice protocols.