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Featuring: The Creation Museum, The Ark Encounter, & The Biltmore

 August 23 – 30, 2022

NOAH found grace in the eyes of the Lord, now let’s see what Noah built. We will visit the newest WONDER of the world, THE ARK ENCOUNTER! This phenomenal exhibit is in Williamstown, KY, where you will see how Noah was able to feed hundreds of animals and survive the GREAT FLOOD. We will also visit THE CREATION MUSEUM, a stunning exhibit of the BIBLE. But we are not through with the excitement, as we begin our journey back toward Texas, we stop by ASHEVILLE, NC where we visit THE COVE where we tour Billy Graham’s Museum, Chatlos Chapel, and PRAYER GARDEN. And YES!!, we cannot leave Asheville without seeing THE BILTMORE ESTATE where we will tour the BILTMORE HOME and enjoy lunch on the estate grounds at the STABLE CAFÉ.