Trip Cancellation Insurance

Relax and know you can cancel for any reason up to the day prior to departure and receive a FULL REFUND of all funds paid towards the cost of your tour! No risk. No small print. No catch.

TRIP CANCELLATION INSURANCE” offered by American Tours provides peace of mind. We make it easy for you to book now and know that you are covered – just in case. Despite your best laid plans, life sometimes gets in the way. Trips that are planned and paid for months in advance are sometimes impacted by unforeseen and sometimes unavoidable obstacles such as illnesses, vehicle accidents, injuries, family situations … the list is endless. With our “Trip Cancellation Insurance” in place, all that is needed is a phone call or email to our office prior to the day of your tour’s departure making us aware of your need to cancel. That is it!! No paperwork. No doctor’s note. No police report. No explanation. All that is required is a simple phone call or email. You are then able to give your full attention to whatever set of circumstances caused the cancellation. At the conclusion of the tour, a full refund check is mailed to your home address.

For “TRIP CANCELLATION INSURANCE” to be in place, it must be purchased at time of sign up.

TRIP CANCELLATION INSURANCE” covers you if you have the need to cancel between the FINAL PAYMENT DUE DATE and the DEPARTURE DATE of the trip.  These dates are different for each respective tour but can be found on each tours SIGN-UP SHEET. 

Without “TRIP CANCELLATION INSURANCE“, there is NO REFUND of any fund paid once you are past the FINAL PAYMENT DUE DATE for your respective tour.